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Becoming ISO 9001 certified is not as easy as it seems – but it isn’t as complex and as complicated as how many people and business owners think of it as well. If you’re in need of help, aid, and assistance in becoming ISO 9001 certified, you can bank and work with us here at IQC the ISO Pros of California for it!

Wherever you are in the city of Santa Ana, CA, we will be here, ready, and prepared to provide the assistance you need!

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Basics of ISO 9001

The ISO 9001, if you haven’t been following the world of ISO yet, is probably the most famous and the most well-known ISO standard. Almost all products and goods that are sold, distributed, and are passed on in the market would have this.

It is the ISO standard that provides the skeletal framework of how a company or an organization must craft and draft up their QMS.

Being ISO 9001 Certified

We can easily be able to discuss the steps on how a company or an organization can become ISO 9001 certified easily.

It can be as simple as the following steps and procedures:

Step 1: Learning the ISO

Of course, before pursue and perform the practices, rules, and guidelines on a particular ISO standard, you first need to learn it.

You’d have to look into everything that an ISO standard has – from what it is for, its ins and outs, as well as other things that are related or connected to it.

Step 2: Practicing and implementing the ISO

Once you’re able to learn the basics of the ISO, the next step you need to do is to practice and implement it.

You can start by implementing it to your team, then to the department – then, to the company. Once it’s practiced and you’re sure that it’s going to be accepted and recognized, that’s when you go to the next step, which is…

Step 3: Documenting the ISO

Document the practices that you’ve been doing in connection to setting up the QMS that would be for the benefit and for the advantage of your company or your organization.

The documentation would also be the basis of the auditor or the certification body to measure and see if the practices are already up to the standards of the particular ISO system.

Step 4: Being Audited

The next thing you have to do is to be audited. Being audited means that a licensed and an authorized certification and auditing body will check the practices you’ve documented and if you are doing and abiding by them appropriately.

During auditing, if you fail, you’d have to re-adjust some of the procedures and processes. Otherwise, you’ll be able to go to the next step, which is…

Step 5: Certification and Registration

Being certified and registered means that you’re already at the finality of your journey. You were able to prove that you’re practicing the measures and policies that are what the standard should be up to.

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Wherever you are in Santa Ana, you can always count and bank on us here at IQC the ISO Pros of California to help you in becoming ISO 9001 certified.

Our business is your business – we care about your results as much as we care about ours! Talk to us and we’ll be ready and prepared to help you!

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