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To give you an overview of what the CMMI or the Capability Maturity Model Integration is, it simply is a business or a behavioral model that provides assistance to companies and organizations on how they can improve and fully develop their practices, including software development, their services, or their product.

Originally, though, the CMMI was made and designed to just be exclusive for software. However, as time progressed further, it became applicable not only to software acquisition, but also in service development, hardware, and other processes in varying industries.


The Goal of the CMMI

Ultimately, the CMMI’s goal is to be able to create an environment where services and products are proactive and just off for self-improvement and optimization. Unlike new and beginner businesses and companies that just react, CMMI-certified corporations and organizations should be proactive.

The objectives of the CMMI for businesses include, but are not limited to:

  • Increasing the value for share and stockholders
  • Enabling the business or the organization to produce better quality products and services
  • Building and establishing a better, wider, and a larger market share
  • Achieving recognition for excellence industry-wide

These are just some of the main goals and ideals of the CMMI, they’re not everything but they contribute to the overall understanding of what the CMMI truly is.

CMMI History

Developed and published in the Carnegie Mello University or the CMU, the CMMI was created due to a single goal – to make and create maturity models or models that accurately measure organizations’ abilities to improve, develop, and enhance in particular areas.

The first version of the CMMI was released in the year 2002 – and it was built from the scratches of the CMM. Now, the CMMI that we know of has recently been updated – to be specific in the year 2018.

Where to Get CMMI Certification

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Our Other Services

Apart from giving you the CMMI Certification you’ve always wanted, you can also trust us to help you in training, implementing, and creating the documentation that you need for you to become a CMMI registered and certified organization.

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