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Do you realize and understand what it means to be ISO 9001 certified? Do you have a business or an organization situated and operated here in the state of California (CA) and you’re looking to know more information about ISO 9001?

In the event that you’re looking for a company or an ISO certification company to work with, don’t hesitate to work with us here at IQC the ISO Pros of California!


What the ISO 9001 Is

To keep it short and simple, the ISO 9001 standard is the standard that assists in the evaluation of whether the Quality Management System or the QMS that an organization has is effective and appropriate to the business and the compliance tests.

In addition to that, this standard has been one of the first and the oldest standards that have been established in the industry.

Requirements of Becoming an ISO 9001 Certified Company

Should you be unaware of what you need in order for you to become an ISO 9001 certified company, here are some of the requirements that businesses and organizations need to meet before they can be audited:

Learning the ISO Standard

Of course, the very first step in becoming ISO 9001 certified is to ensure that the ins and outs of the standard are known by the heads and the management within the organization.

By learning the standard, you’re also somehow educating and training all the people and the staff members that you have.

Implementing the ISO Standard

After you become aware of what the standard is, the next step is to attempt to implement and practice it within the organization.

Even if you’re not a master of the ISO 9001 standard yet, trying to implement it would be the next step – it’s as if you’re training before you get audited.

Documenting the ISO Standard

When you implement it and when you learn the standard further, the next step is to document it. This is the very first step in becoming certified against the standard.

However, in documenting it, you would need the aid and the assistance of ISO 9001 experts, such as us here at IQC the ISO Pros of California.

With our help, you would be able to attain certification and accreditation fast and easier!


The last and final step in becoming ISO 9001 certified is to have your company or your organization audited.

With our help and our assistance, not only will you be able to learn practicing and documenting ISO 9001, but you’ll also be able to attain certification and accreditation precisely and accurately.
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Talk to us here at IQC the ISO Pros of California and experience world-class quality services without spending a fortune for it. Shoot us an email or give us a quick dial – we will be more than happy and glad to help you with the ISO guidance and assistance you need!

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