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Are you here because you want to know more information about what the ISO 20000 standard is? Are you right on this particular page because you’re looking for a licensed and an authorized ISO 20000 certifications company or organization to help you with what your needs are?

If you answered yes to both questions, then you are just where you need to be! In this article, we’ll not only give meaning about what ISO 20000 is, but we will also help you gather information about it so you can become certified against it fast and urgently!

ISO-20000 Certified-california


Ever wondered why it’s called and dubbed as ISO/IEC instead of just being ISO alone and independently? This is because its formation of the said standard has been formed under the guidance and the leadership of both the ISO or the International Organization for Standardization and the IEC or the International Electrotechnical Commission.

ISO standards are standards that are only formed and born under the nose of the ISO.

Basics in Understanding ISO 20000

The famous and ever-popular ISO 20000 is the standard that is strictly for IT Service Management or the ITSM.

It’s published by both the ISO and the IEC and is made to become an internationally recognized and known standard.

The ISO/IEC 20000 is a set or a collection of management processes and procedures that are engineered to assist you in delivering effective, efficient, and productive IT services. It tackles an ITSM, which means that it’s only applicable to companies and organizations that have any type of connection online.

Importance of ISO/IEC 20000

The ISO/IEC 20000 standard is of vital and crucial importance in the relationship between the overall success of your organization in the lines and pathways of the IT industry.

Therefore, becoming certified against the ISO/IEC 20000 standard is relevant and is fundamental to the flow and to the success of the business.

How to Become ISO/IEC 20000 Certified

After you internally assess and evaluate the condition and the place of procedures and processes, the next step is with certification.

For this, you can bank and count on us here at IQC the ISO Pros of California to help you from scratch – whether it’s your first time or if it’s something that you’re already knowledgeable of, IQC the ISO Pros of California will be here, ready and prepared to assist you.

There’s no point in becoming ISO/IEC 2000 certified if you’re not practicing it; that is why if you work with us, we’ll already send you to the field whenever it is needed.

Our company covers all of the cities and the small towns in and around the state of California. So, it wouldn’t matter where your business is situated and where it’s operated – we will help you and we will guide you!
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